Br@ndsumers – Consumers driving the brandwagon

The era of push marketing has ended and its a fact which all marketers have to accept in todays online world.  The exponential increase in the amount of reviews/data generated by users online due to the success of social networking sites like facebook gas been a boon as well as bane for the brands.

No matter how big a brand is, any misconduct or a lacuna in its product or service can be catastrophic for any brands image. This sea change has started happening because consumers have become prosumers. They are sharing their brand experiences, good or bad online and others value these feedbacks much more than brand messaging. This consumers in todays digital world are driving the brandwagons; thereby becoming Br@ndsumers.

So, how do brands engage with these digital natives? The road ahead is steep for brands since its tough to get customers attention online to listen to brand messaging. The increasing amount of content on the web with better, faster and easier access to information on the go has made it even more worse. The way forward for brands is to provide its br@ndsumers a platform to share, ideate and suggest the road ahead for the brands offerings. Brands need to understand this delicate change and need to adjust to address every individuals need at the best service levels. They should not try to generalise this for the end users. We are moving away from the world of B2B to B2C to B2I. B2I being the Business to Individual connect where in brands maintain and nurture individual relationships.



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